Enrich your life with Biodanza. The dance allows us to alchemise our lives and transform the ordinary into the sublime. The system is based on affective connection between us all and is supported by years of academic research. The richness of the theory is what underpins and ensures that Biodanza works to change lives.


As Directors of the Johannesburg Central School of Biodanza we would like to invite you to a series of five dance sessions which put this theory into practice.


Through these sessions we would like to; - Open new possibilities for your life - Enrich your dance experience - Consolidate a Biodanza community of mutual support and cooperation


You can attend any one of the five sessions but we hope you would join us for all five as we delve into different aspects of our human journey. To alleviate admin we request that all bookings and payments are made online. See links below.


With a huge heart and a bigger embrace CHRISTOS+VERITY


Personal development

If you are wanting to deepen your Biodanza practice, have blissful immersive weekends within a supportive group, this is for you! Journeying together provides a marvellous container for personal growth and transformation. We delve deeply into the profound insights and teaching of Rolando Toro Areneda, who mapped a process of maximising our personal potential and guiding us into abundant self expression, creativity, joy, affection and profound connection to Life.

Facilitator training

After completing the Personal Development program, those wanting to become facilitators continue with another 11 modules that equip you with the tools you need to structure classes, select music and hold groups. This is followed by eight supervised classes and the presentation of a monograph. You then receive certification from the International Biodanza Federation, joining this incredible network of change makers.

Mentorship, ongoing support & training

We offer a mentorship program that connects existing and new facilitators to social action programs that will enable them to acquire the 'on the ground' skills and experience needed to give effective classes.

Going forward, qualified facilitators can deepen their knowledge through programs offered by the school.

We offer opportunity to connect with the fascinating theory of Biodanza through talks, and one day workshops

Become part of this phenomenal worldwide movement 

Over 200 schools worldwide

Thousands of facilitators

In 39 countries

on 5 continents

since the 1960's



If you are reading this it is because you may be considering the possibility of deepening your personal development or maybe you are considering training as a Biodanza facilitator!


Personal development

This is for everyone who wants to deepen their Biodanza practice and enrich it through being exposed to the profound research, teaching and philosophy of Rolando Toro Araneda, the founder of Biodanza. This foundational knowledge of Biodanza allows us to become deeply connected to LIFE, living it to the full with maximum self-expression, connection and creativity.

This is the beginning of one of the most revealing and stimulating journeys that you can undertake.

It is designed to develop the identity of each of the participants through deep and significant experiences facilitated by a team of excellent local and international Biodanza Didactic Teachers.

Each weekend module consists of three VIVENCIAS (sessions) which are integrated with the theory. Each vivencia builds on the other leading to ‘transtasis’ – which is an existential leap in your own personal development and evolution.

The program consists of 20 weekend modules which cover dynamic themes such as identity, creativity and the physiology of the vivencia.

This is a experiential learning through dance, supported by fascinating philosophical & existential theory of Biodanza.  You need to complete all 20 modules if you are wanting to go onto facilitator training,.

Facilitator training

Completing the Personal Development is the first necessary step towards becoming a facilitator. Should you wish to go on to qualify as a Biodanza facilitator, there are another 11 modules to complete that give you the tools you need to facilitate groups, structure a class, select the appropriate music etc.

The personal development process is extended further for those focused on a path of deeper transformation.

Even if you don't want to become a Biodanza facilitator, the process can enrich your work, especially for professionals from the health, social work, education or organizations who wish to deepen their respective areas, developing throughout the process the necessary skills to accompany individual and group processes.

"My personal journey through the Biodanza school will always stand out as one of the highlights of my life. It was profound, life altering and FUN. I will always be grateful for the experience of being held with such care by our group!"



Centrally situated in Winston Ridge, next to Illovo, just ten minutes form the Jhb CBD, the school is conveniently accessible to all. Christos has spent years creating a space specifically for Biodanza with gorgeous wooden floors, a tranquil garden and a heated pool for blissful aqua Biodanza experiences. It has been a home to many in the Biodanza community and is a hub for all things Biodanza.






1. Music in Biodanza

2. Biodanza Action Mechanisms.

3. Methodology I (Musical Semantics)

4. Methodology II (The session of Biodanza 1).

5. Methodology III (The session of Biodanza 2).

6. Methodology IV (Weekly and marathon course of Biodanza)

7. Methodology V (The Biodanza group).

8. Methodology VI (Evolution criteria in


9. Methodology VII (Official List of the Biodanza Exercises)

10. Seminar: Practical resources for the Biodanza Facilitator.


Students and visitors- R1900 per module

Qualified facilitators- R1000 per module



1. Definition & Theoretical model of Biodanza  14-15 MARCH

2. Biocentric & Vital Unconscious                        4-5 APRIL

3. The Vivencia                                                     9-10 MAY

4. Biological Aspects of Biodanza                       13-14 JUNE

5. Mythical & Philosophical Antecedents            11-12 JULY


6. Psychological Aspects of Biodanza                  8-9 AUGUST

7.Physiological aspects of Biodanza                    12-13 SEPTEMBER                                      

8. Identity & Integration                                       10-11 OCTOBER

   with guest didactic ZEPHNE VAN DER MERWE

9. Human Movement                                             14-15 NOVEMBER



10. Trance & regression

11. Contact and caress

12. Vitality.

13. Sexuality.

14. Creativity.

15. Affectivity.

16. Transcendence.

17. Biodanza Ars Magna

18. Biodanza and Social Action

19. Applications and Extensions of Biodanza.

20. Seminar: An existential development weekend consisting of either The Tree of Desires or The Minotaur Project





Qualified as a Didactic Biodanza teacher in 2009, trained under Rolando Toro Araneda (creator of Biodanza). Has been running Biodanza groups and workshops since 2004 and has specialised in key extensions: Minotaur Project, Aquatic Biodanza, Biodanza and Neo-Shamanism, Biodanza in Nature,  Biodanza for Children and Adolescence . Currently researching for a PhD in the use of dance in leadership training.


Qualified as a Didactic Biodanza teacher in 2018 bringing the latest innovations and developments of Biodanza to South Africa. Her passion is creativity and has created a series of workshops which she has been offering since 2013. Following her interest in women’s development she created and runs workshops for both women and vulnerable girls. She has trained in extensions of: Aquatic Biodanza and Biodanza with children.



For any inquiries, please call: Christos on  083 449 5357 or Verity on 082 873 4607

 or fill out the following form

Head Office

VisVita Centre

37 Dennington rd

Winston Ridge


 tel: +27 83 449 5375


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