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We invite you to explore the Alchemy of Archetypes through dance and myth.  Each dance brings us into contact with the energies of the archetype.  Through the myth we enter the realm of the dream, the unconscious activating and restructuring so that the potential of each one of us is amplified.


•    Revel in the liberating pleasures of Dionysius

•    Connect with the sacredness of Earth through Pachamama & the           sacred mother- Demeter

•    Weave order out of chaos with the music and dance of Apollo

•    Drink in the wisdom of Athena

•    Expand into the grace of illuminating angels


For the ancient Greeks the gods were not separate all powerful judging entities but rather possessed the same emotions, desires and machinations as humans.  They mirrored human nature.  We recognise and identify with the gods because they are expressions of archetypes.  We feel into those we identify with and we dance to incorporate others.


Archetypes are patterns of human behaviour.  The gods are the personification of these patterns which exist in all of us.  Some we express and others we suppress.  They are human because they belong to our collective unconscious like a sea of potential energy waiting to be lived and expressed.


This series draws back the curtain giving us an opportunity to enter into the world of myths and gods.  Through the dance we bring awareness and harmony into our own stories.  We dance life at the centre and connect with something universal, cosmic and transcendent.  Through this journey we integrate and elaborate more and more of the archetypes represented by the gods to bring richness and depth to our journeys.

We have also interviewed international directors of schools who have worked extensively with the archetypes and they share their personal insights with us on video. 

We dance on Sundays at 3pm-5.30pm

2 August Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu 

16 August Demeter & Pachamama

30 August Apollo & Dionysius

18 September Athena & Artemis

27 September The Angels

Please arrive 5 minutes before to settle in so that we can start at 3pm sharp.

We encourage you to prepare your space and create some sacred time for yourself, with as few distractions as possible so that you can have the most connected & transformative experience possible.

The investments is R120 per session or R500 for the series. We truly recommend that you do the series to get the maximum benefit of this wonderful journey we have curated.

This series is open to all who have any previous experience in Biodanza.


Banking details:


BANK:                           First National Bank

BRANCH:                      Killarney /JHB

BRANCH CODE:           256-205

ACCOUNT NUMBER:   62843425093


ACCOUNT TYPE:          Business Account

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